My dream holiday!

Everyone has a dream holiday.


My dream holiday was to go to QLD, go to all the Theme Parks and pat a dolphin at “Sea World.”



And guess what I did get my dream holiday! thanks to “Make-a-Wish.”

But I didn’t get to go to all of the Theme Parks I had to choose three. I still got to pat a dolphin in fact I got to pat and feed two dolphins.




Here are some photos of my family and I on my dream holiday:

At Movie World


Jake and I meeting Batman


This is Me at Sea World!





What is your dream holiday?


 Have you been on your dream holiday yet?


13 thoughts on “My dream holiday!

  1. Dear Lilli,

    What an outstanding post! You are an amazing blogger and I looks forward to seeing more of your future posts. I’m 100% sure they’ll be great!

    Your dream holiday sounded fun as! I have been to MovieWorld, SeaWorld and DreamWorld. They were my dream holidays when I was little. I have been to Queensland around 4 times now and now that I have been there I have more dream holidays.

    These are all of them:

    Well, I’m not too sure about this one but I’m sure it would be fun! I might travel around the world one day. I’d just like to see all the different destinations and what they are like.

    Now this is my aboslute dream holiday ever! I just so want to go to Hong Kong in China, then travel over to Paris and see the Effiel Tower, and then go to London, then coming home I would like to visit Belgium where my favourite tennis player, who is now retired, Kim Clijsters lives.

    I would like to go to all those places. They inspire me because that’s where my Nan and Dad-Dad went and they loved it. But they didn’t visit Belgium.

    Also,(I know I’ve had so many dream holidays but this is definitely my last one. Or is it?…) I would like to visit Disney World in America. That place looks so fun! I would like to visit the places in America, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Hollywood, Wisconsin( that was where my Prep teacher, Miss Bayer was from) Michigan, Massachuetts, Conneticut and California, San Diego, New York, Washington DC, Washington, Cinccinati, Florida and Miami. I know that’s alot of places! I want to visit them all!

    As you can imagine, I haven’t been on all my dream holidays yet. I haven’t been overseas ever. Have you been overseas?

    See you tomorrow!
    Your classmate next door,
    Liv 😆

  2. Dear Lilli,

    I was so happy to read that Make-A-Wish helped to make your dream holiday come true! It looks like you had so much fun in Queensland with your family.

    Was Sea World your favourite theme park? Did you have a favourite ride at one of the theme parks?

    My dream holiday also came true! I had dreamed of going to the USA to meet Mrs Yollis and my other blogging buddies. When I won the award earlier this year I was able to visit the USA and meet everyone. It was so much fun!

    Would you like to travel overseas one day? Where would you like to go?

    Your teacher,
    Mrs M☀rris

  3. Hello Lilli,

    The Make-a-Wish Foundation is made up with many wonderful people working to grant wishes for people such as you. This is a wonderful recount of your Queensland adventure.

    Sea World and Movie World are definitely fun places to be. I can see you met Scooby Doo’s friends, Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne as well as Batman. I especially liked your up close encounter with the dolphins. Dolphins are very intelligent marine mammals.

    Like you, I have been on my dream holiday. It was to walk the streets of Paris and London before touring around England, Scotland and Wales. It’s wonderful when we can live our dreams.

    Keep blogging.
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • Dear Ross Mannell,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog! 🙂

      Wow you got to walk the streets of Paris and London before getting a tour around England, Scotland and Wales.

      Yes I agree it is wonderful to live your dream!

      From Lilli 😆

  4. Dear Lilli,

    I want to go to America and meet Willy the killer whale or orcar. It is a famous whale and in his movies he gets caught and he jumps over a brick wall.

    I know it is a short comment but I can’t think.

    From Chloe

  5. Hi Lilli,
    Thanks for sharing your holiday photos. It looks like you had lots of fun and you look very happy in the pictures.
    My dream holiday…hmmm….let me think now. I would like to go to Ireland where my great-grand father came from. It looks like such a pretty place too, especially the country parts. And then, seeing I had travelled all that way, I would like to pop over to England and see a few special places like the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum and the countryside that some of my favourite authors like Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters wrote about. Then (after all, this is a DREAM holiday and therefore I won’t have run out of money), I would go to Denmark to see Legoland and meet a friend that I haven’t yet met in real life. It would be interesting to see lots of snow and houses and landscapes that are very different from here in Australia. By the time I did all that, I would be missing my home and want to come home for a while before planning my next dream holiday.
    Thanks for asking. 🙂
    Aunty Jo.

    • Dear Aunty Jo,

      Thank you for your comment!
      I did have a lot of fun.

      I didn’t know your grand father came from Irlend!

      Your dream holiday would be very big (if you went on it of course.)
      Yes it would cost a lot of money. 😆

      From Lilli :mrgreen:

  6. Dear Lilli
    I like how you said lots of details and about your dream holiday.I bet you had a lot of fun.It realy must of been exiting to stand by the scooby doo truck.And standing by batman.Also it must of been fun petting dolphins.I also like that you said dream in dream holiday.I hope we could be good blogging buddys.
    I hope you get to go to the theme parks next time and comment on that if you have a pitcure.

    Your blogging buddy

  7. Dear Lilli,

    Wow what an excellent post, you are such an amazing blogger now!

    Your dream holiday sounds soooo FUN and I really love the pictures! So when did you go on your dream holiday?
    Was it this term or ages ago?

    Either way it sounds amazing!

    Hmmm my dream holiday, well when I was little everybody and I mean everybody was going to Queensland and all I wanted to do was go there it was pretty much like my dream holiday.

    But now my dream holiday would have to be going to Thailand because now everybody is going there and that everything there is very very cheap!

    Well got to go,

    PS: when I was little I got to go on my dream holiday!

    • Dear Becky,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I have never been to New Zealend, but I would like to.
      (I think you accidently pressed “K” instead of “L” in New Zealend).

      See you tomorrow,
      From Lilli

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