All About Me

Hi my name is Lilli and I learn at Leopold Primary School. I received my blog last year in grade 4.


I’m a family of four my dad, my mum and my younger brother, Jake. We have two cats, one dog and one Bearded Dragon (lizard).

On the weekends we do all different things like, sometimes we get together with family, we like to take our dog, Chloe, for walks and in summer we love to go to the beach! We love time together as a family!

My favourite color is pink, I love listening to music, singing and dancing. I also like to draw, paint, write and read. And I also love to hang out with friends.

When I was six I got “Cancer” my cancer was called “Leukemia.” I had it for two and a half years but I’m fully better now. I only have to go to the Geelong hospital every eight weeks now. I am going to school every day now so you don’t have to worry about me. 😆


Here is some photos of me when I was sick:


At the hospital when I was waiting for Chemo sometimes their was fairys that would paint your face

When I had stays in hospital my brother would visit and we would do different things like painting, to keep me occupied

Waiting at the Childrens Hospital

 Do you have anything in commen with me?

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